ActivConcierge ™
ActivConcierge™ - Provides Builders an Online Chat Sales Force.
How many Buyers Are you missing every day on your website?

ActivConcierge is the premier service for your company’s chat needs. The first day having ActivConcierge on your website, you will have additional leads in your inbox by turning your website shoppers from casual website visitors into leads.

  • We proactively engage every visitor to your website and act as a virtual greeter
  • We offer a unique prequalifying system to get your website shoppers engaged and talking
  • We collect important prospect information that puts you in control of your website
  • We deliver that information into your CRM and on your phone instantly with our ActivConnect service.
Don’t let your website visitors click away to your competitors website.

ActivConcierge will impact your company and Internet business immediately by turning your informational website into a conversational website multiplying the amount of leads that your website will generate.

  • Customized messages are displayed on your website shopper’s screen at just the right moment to get them interested and chatting with our virtual sales team
  • Our proprietary conversation tracks lead your website shoppers through our intelligent buying process
  • Our trained virtual sales team will engage your visitors while collecting their name, email, and other relevant information and deliver that information into your CRM solutions
  • We continually train staff on real estate knowledge and your individual company’s benefits to ensure a seamless chat experience for the website shopper

"ActivConcierge gives you more leads from your own website, which has the highest closing ratio of any lead source."

By now you understand the power of using chat for your company. Take the next step and Call 1-800-945-5551 and start greeting your website visitors or just with one of our staff.

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