ActivSalesAgent was founded on the principle that people sell homes not websites.

ActivSalesAgent provides a business solution that is the missing link between the passive internet browsing activity that people engage in and a human connection.

Making your marketing dollars produce more results is what drives every employee at ActivSalesAgent. Helping your company achieve better results and capture more leads from your website. ActivSalesAgent offers live chat concierge level services to your website shoppers to help them navigate your website, while engaging them in a powerful online conversation. ActivSalesAgent helps to make each of your website visitors experience engaging and informational.

ActivSalesAgent launches a branded chat window at key marketing opportunities as the shopper browses your website looking to sell or buy a home. By delivering the right message at the right time, ActivSalesAgent will turn your web into a lead generating machine.

With over 65% of homebuyers doing business with the first agent let ActivSalesAgent, ensure that you are that first agent and become their trusted advisor. ActivSalesAgent understands the critical impact that a visit to your website can have on your business. However, we also uncovered that virtually all of these shoppers failed to take the next step and initiate contact with the agent through that agent’s website.

More than just live chat software, ActivSalesAgent provides the only dedicated real estate specific application.

ActivSalesAgent’s proprietary business logic was designed in the real world to meet the needs of higher customer expectations. ActivSalesAgent works because its key associates have over 50 years of real estate sales experience, giving ActivSalesAgent a true 360° understanding of the needs of homebuyers, while also understanding the needs of your organization.

Your website has become your modern office. Now is the time to engage your website visitors with a virtual “Meet & Greet.” ActivSalesAgent acts as your virtual sales force engaging shoppers and helping to capture information, while assisting and qualifying your shoppers, making their website experience much more similar to a visit in your office.